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Marketekom’s website MarketwiseTrader is an example our available web design services. The world of market trading/investing services is substantial. Online financial news websites provide a critical bridge between the experts and active investors. For traders the advice of experts is invaluable. In this specific niche there are thousands of online news magazines to meet this need.

There are many niche areas of specialized information that have potential subscribers waiting in line. Do you have a field of expertise that is in demand? Why not have us develop a news blogging website for you? Contact us today and we can find a way to turn your area of expertise into an online news website!

News and Blogging Sites can cover many topics;
Global and Local News, Financial market updates,
Club and Hobbyist Interests, or personal Diary blogs

We can view MarketwiseTrader as a specific example of a news website. The architecture of the site provides a typical  example of a website built for this purpose. The primary content sections on MarketwiseTrader are; Advisory Services, Market Analysis, Trading  Education, Free Resources, Charts, and Store. 

News RSS feeds come from the Wall Street Journal, and The latest news from market analysts like Seeking Alpha, Worlds Cycles Institute, Edelson Institute, and MarketTrendSignals is posted with a thumbnail and excerpt on the home page. These link to the full articles on secondary Post pages.

Links in the right sidebar take a reader to a Facebook page, a free e-book, or to to purchase a recommended book.  On a secondary page there is also a small WooCommerce store with a selection of trading software and financial books.

If you need a news site for an organization, or a blogging site to track your personal avocation, contact me today.

We can brainstorm the possibilities and design the perfect website for your needs!

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