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Many career professionals collect a body of work over time that requires public display. We first  think of artists or designers as the most likely to post an online portfolio of their work. But many professionals build an array of impressive projects that can be used to promote their career advancement, or indicate their skills to potential new clients.

If you’re an architect, real estate agent, travel author, documentary photographer, serious hobbyist, or AirBnB owner, you need an online presence.

As a helpful example of a portfolio site that contains typical slide shows and bio information, you are invited to visit the site;  KaufmannDesign.com.

Portfolios for Professionals:
Architects, Photographers,
Real Estate Agents, Prosthetic Engineers,
serious Hobbyists, even Airbnb owners!

The portfolio site KaufmannDesign.com, is built on the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress platform, and is among the network of sites managed by the Marketekom Group.

On the site, the [Portfolio] tabs hold slide shows of art, photography and design work.
Visual galleries such as these can be displayed as an interative thumbnail grid linked to posts, as sliders with excerpts, or in a classic slide show format.

For a quick view, selected groups of visual work from the site are compiled in the slide carousels below.



Documentary Photography: Middle East

Documentary Photography: Ukraine

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